Jackie Gleason Family Tree

Jackie’s daughter, Geraldine, married talent agent Jack Chutuk at New York’s St. Paul the Apostle Church in 1961. Officiating at the ceremony was Gleason’s good friend, television celebrity and Emmy winner, Bishop Fulton J. Sheen. Geraldine and Jack have one son, Mark, and two granddaughters, Caitlin and Alison.

Daughter Linda married Pulitzer Prize winning playwright Jason (Jack) Miller at Catholic University in 1963 and has three children: Jennifer, Jason Patric and Jordan. Jordan, New York Marathon runner for the last six years, has one son …yes, another Jack. After her divorce, Linda married actor Robert King, who was once acclaimed “King of Commercials” by the New York Times.

Little-Known Family Facts

Jackie would have been astonished to learn that two of his ancestors served in the Civil War:

Jackie’s grand uncle, George, fought with his Company of engineers at the Battle of Fredericksburg, Virginia in 1862. His Company stayed on after the battle through a particularly bitter winter to dismantle strategic bridges and secure victory. George, age twenty two, died the following year of typhoid.

Jackie’s grandfather, William, languished in sick bay for most of his Civil War enlistment, soothing his tender kidneys and enlarged liver. Reggie Van Gleason III fell close to that segment of the family tree.

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